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New generation of Hard Hats for the United States is here.

New generation of Hard Hats for the United States is here.

Posted by Defender Safety on Mar 05, 2019

A new generation of hard hats are here, a few years ago the chin strap based helmets were introduced in the United States. The reason behind these new chin strap helmets is protect our workers who work at heights and are on the move to ensure that their head protection is secure as the world of industrial work can be dangerous and requires the correct equipment.

Defenders Safety's H1 and H2 helmet series bridges the gap between performance, affordability and comfort. Our two helmet lines are ANSI approved and have the ultimate durability to withstand anything that your environment may throw its way. We looked around at the market to see other hard hats and try to fix what they were missing, we learned from our customers out in the field to research the equipment that they needed. One thing we learned was the price of our competitors was much too steep for many companies to start implementing the new safety helmets in their arsenal of equipment.

The H1-CH helmet is our entry level ANSI approved Class E safety helmet that protect workers from not only impacts but from electrical shocks to the head as well. The chin strap system used has a chin cup for ultimate fitment at heights and ensure a perfect fit when in high stress scenarios. We also have special vent system that allows maximum cooling from the top when needed and closed vents went the situation requires extra safety.

The H2-CH helmet is a bump up in comfort and performance from the H1 as it has a comfort cooling foam inside the helmet as well as a three point adjustable rachet strap system at the back of the helmet. The H2 does not have the same chin cup system as the H1, instead it has a eco-leather strap that protect the user from the hard hat falling off but does not have the same security in a high movement situation. The materials of this helmet also save about 10 percent of the weight compared the the H2 without comparison rigidity. We have to say, we love the fit, look and performance of this system. The H2 also has more accessories than the H1, we have a plastic anti scratch face-shield and mesh face-shield to accompany the standard accessories.

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