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Healthcare Partnerships

The health care industry also relies on Defender Safety to provide high-quality, value-oriented products. Our inventory of Level 1 and 3 surgical and procedure masks are USA-laboratory tested and regulatory compliant. We also distribute sanitization products that are ideal for a health care setting. Comfortable and effective, our products are a staple in health care settings. Whether you are in the construction or health care industry, you’ll benefit from our three areas of expertise. We excel in product design, regulatory compliance, and business solutions, and we are ready to help you. Browse our website to find the right products for your needs or contact us. We will be happy to help you find the perfect safety products for your business.

The Defender Safety Procedure Mask has been tested in accordance with ASTM F2100 – Specification for performance of materials used in medical face masks. The surgical mask meets ASTM F2100 LEVEL 1 BARRIER, EN 14683, EN149, EN132, EN134, EN143, EN 13274-7, and ISO 6941. Latex free.