Construction Safety Harness 5 Point, QCB, Padded Back & Leg

Brand: Palmer Safety
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  • ANSI RATED- Meets or exceeds ANSI Z359.11-2014. A10.32-2012

  • DESIGN-Features a 5-point adjustment full body harness with two side and ventral Dorsal D-ring for fall arrest. Equipped with adjustable shoulders, leg straps and work positioning belt.

  • WEBBING-Polyester webbing with a width of 1.73in. and a breaking strength of 5000lbs. 

  • STITCHING THREAD- Made of high-tenacity polyester 

  • METAL- Alloy steel with a silver/golden galvanized finish

  • WEIGHT- 5.82lbs

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Product Description


The Safety Harness is a smart choice for your fall protection needs. It is compliant with OSHA regulations and meets or exceeds the ANSI Z359.11-2014. A10.32-2012. It features a 5-point point harness, QCB, padded back and padded legs sewn in. The positioning belt is black. It also includes 3 D-rings, one Front Dual D-ring, and two sides. It is universal in size. It is made from Polyester material with a width of 1.73in, and a breaking strength of 5000lbs.  The metal is made of alloy steel with a silver/golden galvanized finish. The 3-point safety harness is a powerful addition for your fall protection system needs.


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