Rebar Chain Positioning Device

Brand: Palmer Safety
SKU: A00004
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  • Double, Y shaped lanyard.
  • This positioning device incorporates a high tensile strength chain and has swivel rebar hook.
  • The two ends of the chain have the special forged clevis snap hooks used for positioning.
  • Available Length: 24”
  • 0.31” diameter link of chain
  • Grade of Chain: Grade 80
  • Tensile Strength: Min. 5000 lbs.
  • Made of alloy steel
  • Zinc plated
  • Static Strength: 5000 lbs. for 1 minute
  • Dynamic Strength: When tested with 282 lbs. with a free fall to generate 3600 lbs. force on the receiving structure mass held clear off the ground for a period of 1 minute


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Product Description

The Rebar Chain Positioning Device from Palmer Safety can help you stay in compliance with ANSI Z359.3-2007 while working at height. A two 2-1/4” swivel rebar hook is featured on top, offering a secure connection point, and two 3/4” snap hooks anchor the device to add extra stability during use. This double, Y-shaped lanyard has been tested and approved to meet or exceed all relevant industry standards, making it ideal for a variety of work site scenarios. The Rebar Chain Positioning Device is available in a 24” length and can be tailored to fit virtually any body size for maximum safety and support.


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