Reusable Roof Anchor

Brand: Palmer Safety

SKU: A00150

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Product Description

Palmer Safety Reusable Roof Anchors are an ideal anchorage device to be fixed on wooden beams used in roofing. The surface of the anchor is galvanized steel featuring a stamped, zinc-plated D-ring with a minimum breaking strength of 5000 lbs., compliant to or exceeding ANSI Z359.18-2017 safety standards. The Reusable Roof Anchor consists of two steel flaps each having 16 holes which can be fitted on the two sides of a beam securely using nails inserted in the holes for fastening. It offers superior protection when used as an anchor point. Reliable and safe, this Reusable Roof Anchor is the perfect choice for all roofers looking for safety and efficiency on the job.


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