Quality Management

“Innovating safety PPE is what we do, so you can keep working.”


In everyday terms the word ‘Quality’ is synonymous with the word “good”. Here at Defender Safety, the word Quality means much more than that.  

Our secret to customer satisfaction can be broken down into 3 key points
·     Deliver Customer Specification with high reliability, accuracy and delivery
·     Meet all necessary QMS requirements to provide customer assurance.
·     Comply with all the necessary Regulation Bodies to ensure Customer’s Safety.

For us, we approach ‘Quality’ as an architecture that helps benchmark all of our processes. Our Products are a testament to our quality, but behind our product’s success lies our constant goal to measure each area of our business and improve. We are always looking for innovative ways to satisfy our customers starting from the level of the individual employee all the way up to top management. Quality is not a program or discipline for us, it’s a culture.

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