Defender TV: Decitech E1 Active Electronic Shooting Hearing Protection Overview

We’re excited to introduce you to our Decitech E1 Active Electronic Shooting Hearing Protection, the ultimate solution for protecting your hearing while shooting. With its advanced technology, the Decitech E1 actively suppresses harmful noises while enhancing low-level sounds like voices and ambient sounds, so you can communicate effectively and hear your surroundings clearly. Our hearing protection is designed to provide maximum comfort and durability, with adjustable headband and cushioned ear cups that fit securely and comfortably. Whether you’re a professional shooter or a beginner, the Decitech E1 is the perfect choice for your hearing protection needs. Visit our website at to learn more and order yours today. Thanks for watching! Hunting: The Decitech E1 is perfect for hunters who want to protect their hearing while also staying aware of their surroundings. The active noise suppression technology blocks out the loud sound of gunfire while enhancing the sounds of approaching animals or birds. Competitive Shooting: Competitive shooters need to have a clear understanding of the range commands and other verbal cues, and the Decitech E1 makes it possible to do so without sacrificing hearing protection. Range Training: Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned shooter, hearing protection is a must when using firearms. The Decitech E1 offers a comfortable, reliable solution that allows you to focus on your training. Industrial Noise Protection: The Decitech E1 is also a great choice for workers who are exposed to loud machinery or equipment. The active noise suppression technology blocks out the harmful noise while allowing workers to hear verbal instructions or warnings from colleagues.


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