Defender in the News: US PPE providers team up

Defender Safety, of Plainview, New York, and Premier Guard USA, of Jackson, Mississippi are united in their mission to provide hospitals all over the United States with a reliable supply chain of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Defender Safety is partnering with Premier Guard USA to support a 100 hospital-strong network. Defender Safety recently received FDA approval for their ASTM Level 1 procedure mask, ASTM Level 3 procedure mask, and ASTM Level 3 surgical mask; allowing them to continue to provide medical-grade PPE solutions made in the USA. Defender Safety has supplied more than 50 million pieces of PPE—medical-grade masks, gloves, disinfectants and goggles—to hospitals nationwide and is an essential source not only for providing immediate solutions during these unprecedented times but for guaranteeing sustainability during the pandemic.



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