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New generation of hard hats is here, they're safety helmets.

New generation of hard hats is here, they're safety helmets. - Defender Safety

A new generation of hard hats is here, a few years ago chin strap-based helmets were introduced in the United States. The reason behind these new chin strap helmets is to protect our workers who work at heights and are on the move to ensure that their head protection is secure as the world of industrial work can be dangerous and requires the correct equipment.

Hard hats have been the go-to headgear for construction workers for decades. They are lightweight, comfortable and provide basic protection against falling objects. However, some job sites are now requiring safety helmets that meet Z89 and EN12492 standards which provide enhanced protection and a chin strap. Let's take a look at why this change is being made and what benefits safety helmets offer to construction workers.

Enhanced Protection

The most obvious benefit of safety helmets over hard hats is the increased protection they offer. These helmets are designed to protect against both blunt force trauma from falling objects, as well as penetration from sharp objects like nails or screws. In addition to providing more protection than hard hats, these helmets also offer better coverage, with a full face shield that can be used when necessary. This helps prevent debris from entering the eyes or mouth during work activities. Type 1 helmets- Top Impact Type 2 helmets- Top and Side Impact EN12492 has many different clauses, the one most job-sites are looking for is the side impact, this is not as rigorous at ANSI's Z89 Type 2 requirement, this is really a climbing helmet standard adapted in Europe.

Increased Comfort

Safety helmets offer many features that make them more comfortable than hard hats. For example, they often feature adjustable straps that allow you to customize the fit of the helmet to your own head shape and size. They also feature additional padding around the forehead, sides and back of the head to provide extra cushioning while on the job site.

Better Visibility & Hearing Protection

In addition to offering enhanced protection and increased comfort, safety helmets also provide better visibility than hard hats due to their larger brim size. This makes it easier to see your surroundings while working on job sites with limited lighting or natural light sources. Safety helmets also come equipped with hearing protection features like ear muffs or ear plugs, which can help reduce noise levels on noisy job sites. Safety helmets are quickly becoming a standard piece of equipment for construction workers due to their enhanced protection, increased comfort and convenience features like storage options and detachable visors. They are designed to meet Z89 and EN12492 standards which means they will provide superior coverage compared to traditional hard hats while still allowing workers maximum mobility during tasks such as welding or demolition work where extra visibility is necessary. With all these benefits in mind, it’s no wonder that many construction companies are switching over from hard hats to safety helmets!

Defenders Safety's H1 and H2 helmet series bridge the gap between performance, affordability, and comfort. Our two helmet lines are ANSI approved and have the ultimate durability to withstand anything that your environment may throw its way. We looked around at the market to see other hard hats and try to fix what they were missing, we learned from our customers out in the field to research the equipment that they needed. One thing we learned was the price of our competitors was much too steep for many companies to start implementing the new safety helmets in their arsenal of equipment.
Learn more about ANSI Z89 Here


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