Safety Helmet Revolutionized

Your brain is one of the most important organs in your body, and safety helmets are designed to protect it. Most helmets sacrifice protection with poor design and weight. We decided that it’s time to change the game in head protection and re-engineer safety helmets from the ground up.

Redefining Design and Function

Safety has never looked so good. We combined traditional functionality with modern technology. Hitting all standards for jobsites and mountain climbing is difficult enough but we went beyond. Our design focuses on a robust ‘mohawk’ design which provides enhanced top protection while also maintaining a sleek profile to make working in tight space just as easy.

Prepared for Impact

Better protection should not mean heavier helmets. With years of testing and research we produced a unique Polycarbonate and ABS blend.

The result? A helmet that exceeds testing requirements and is up 50% lighter than competitors. It also provides complete protection against impact, scratch and flame.

Did we also mention the material is easy to maintain? Yeah. We have you covered there too.

Impact protection High Strength ABS Flame resistant

Breathe Easy. Think Clearly.

It’s hard to focus if your helmet is trapping heat. We engineered our Class C helmets to provide you with 360 degrees of ventilation that EXCEEDS the EN12492 standard by over 30% more than traditional helmets while preventing flying debris from entering. So you can focus more on the job and less on the weather.

Weather Resistant 360˚ Ventilataion Less than 500g

VOLTFENSE™ Technology

Most helmets rely on the material of the straps to reduce shock on the job site. With general wear and tear, the protection can be compromised. With our patented Voltfence™ technology, our Class E helmets can withstand over 20,000 V from your first use till last.


Compliance Done Right

Our patented EPS foam has the perfect density to manage lightweight comfort with heavy weight protection. Meeting ANSI Z89.1 EN 12492 you can be assured that your jobsite-ready and protected. When a user puts on the H2 helmet, the user not only feels protected but also not confined by his head.

EPS foam Lightweight comfort Heavyweight protection

Custom. Your way.

We understand the importance of having company identity on the job site. From logos to decals, we can quickly customize the helmets to your needs.

Accessories made easy

Helmets should not make your accessories feel like you’re putting a square peg in a round hole. With integrated attachment points, and pre assembled accessories, you can easily wear multiple attachments fast.

Defender Resource Center

It can be overwhelming when choosing the right helmet. From understanding the different types and classes, to understanding the different regulation requirements from OSHA and ANSI. That’s why the Defender Learning Center was created. We take the complicated jargon and present it in an easy readable format, so you can make the right decision for you.