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Defender Safety Helmet Passes ANSI Testing

Defender Safety Helmet Passes ANSI Testing - Defender Safety

We're happy to announce that we have had our Defender Safety H1-CH platform independently tested by Intertek. We have exceeded the ANSI Z89.1 2014 Standards again!

ANSI Z89.1_ 2014 is the current standard that must be passed in order to achieve OSHA requirements. To purchase your Defender Safety H1-CH use this link! A little bit about Intertek: From laboratory testing to regulatory compliance and beyond, advance the value and marketability of your products with testing and certification services from Intertek. Today’s marketplace is complicated. Globalization has changed the world, opening up new markets, sources of supply, regulations, and products. We can help you navigate it. Our field and in-house laboratory testing services provide the data you need to optimize the production process and get your product to market quickly and economically. Intertek’s testing and certification services support the quality, performance, regulatory compliance, safety, benchmarking, evaluation, validation, analysis, and other requirements for products, components, raw materials, sites, and facilities. With over 130 years of experience, our experts and global resources are equipped to meet your testing, timeline and product needs. As regulations change and technology is created or innovated, our knowledge and industry expertise ensure your products and business are prepared to meet evolving demands.

See below for our results!


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