DECITECH™ E1 Active Hearing Protection, Over the Head Earmuffs

Brand: Defender Safety

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  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE HEARING PROTECTION– The E1 has an NRR rating of 24dB and meets the ANSI S3.19 and S12.6 rating. Whether you’re on the job site or at the range the E1’s has you protected.

  • PATENTED ACTIVE NOISE CANCELING AND AMPLIFICATION- The Decitech™ E1 noise canceling technology filters up to 24 dB of dangerous sound while utilizing 2-high gain microphones for amplifying speech. Perfect for loud settings such as construction, shooting range, manufacturing, or woodworking. 

  • FAST REACTION TIME- Sound activated protection over 82 dB at 0.5ms response time. Perfect for environments such as shooting range and construction.

  • LARGE VOLUME KNOB- Using gloves while adjusting volume is no issue at all!

  • LIGHTWEIGHT EGONOMICAL DESIGN- Heavy in protection, light in weight. The E1 is collapsible and provides an ultra-slim design to have the least impact when shouldering weapons.

  • NO BLUETOOTH- For better focus and ensured safety at the jobsite

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Product Description


Twenty percent of all workers develop hearing disabilities because of incorrect gear. Equip yourself with the right hearing protection. The A2 has an NRR rating of 24dB and meets the ANSI S3.19 and S12.6 ratings. Ideal for medium noise level such as snowmobile, chain saw, pneumatic drill etc. 



We know how difficult communication can be in loud environments, that’s why our E-series™ was designed to solve that problem. With our noise canceling technology, the E1 can selectively cancel loud noises while amplifying speech. It helps you to not only protect your ears, but your voice as well. 



Easy transport and all-day comfort are key. That’s why the E1 has a collapsible headband that allows easier storage and carry. The E1 also weighs less than a pound, allowing all day comfort with all day protection. 


Premium Quiet. Easy Conversations.

The Decitech™ E1 offers world class adjustable noise reduction integrated with voice optimization so you can hear what you want and filter out the rest. The E1 utilizes proprietary noise canceling technology that cancels out loud sounds by instantaneously creating sounds of the opposite signal, keeping your hearing safe. The voice optimization technology picks up voice conversation and amplifies it so you can communicate with your peers without having to constantly remove your hearing protector. The lightweight design and soft ear foams provide incredible comfort so you can be protected effortlessly. With 3 distinctive colors and incredible protection, the E1 is your go-to choice for active hearing protection. BATTERY IS NOT INCLUDED– 2 AAA batteries required.


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