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Eye Protection: Everything You Need To Know

Eye Protection: Everything You Need To Know - Defender Safety
Protective equipment is crucial in any workplace with the potential for eye or facial damage. Safety glasses, goggles, face shields, and other forms of eye protection are options that defend against hazards. But, how do you know what to look for in protectors? What is needed for proper protection? What type of eye protection is best for your work environment? Protectors must be able to defend against common workplace risks and demonstrate adaptability to guarantee safety. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) details regulations for the protection and quality of eye and facial protectors. The glasses, goggles, and face shields at Defender Safety comply with the ANSI standard.

What are the OSHA requirements for eye and face protection?

osha requirements for eye protection chart OSHA requires that side protection is given where there are flying objects and employees must also have access to either prescription eye protection or eye protection worn over prescription lenses if necessary. The OSHA standard also explains that the shade number suitable for the work must be used to protect from light radiation. For example, torch brazing has a minimum protective shade of 3. The complete list is shown in OSHA 1910.133 - Eye and Face Protection. In addition to these rules, OSHA instructs that eye protection and face wear must comply with the ANSI/ISEA Z87.1. In other words, the OSHA standard provides a general list of rules, and the ANSI Z87.1 describes the exact requirements for protectors.

What are the Defender Safety glasses, goggles, and face shields?

At Defender Safety, there are many options for eye protection. The available choices are the VS1, the VS2, the VS3, and the DVP2. The visor attachment for the H1 helmet is an option as well. Each selection is approved by ANSI Z87.1, OSHA, and EN 166(the European standard for eyewear). The glasses and goggles provide high-quality safety and convenience at a reasonable price. Design and Features All Defender Safety eyewear is ANSI certified and impact-rated, which means they are highly resistant to impact and penetration. The lenses can also have anti-scratch and anti-fog capabilities, so the user's vision is not impaired while working with steam or particles. Further, the lenses have maximum UV protection (U6) with up to 99% filtration of UV rays and a level 6 visible light filter. Additionally, the DVP2 is dustproof and chemical resistant (D3, D4, and D5). The VS1, VS2, and VS3 are designed to be lightweight to ensure that they do not affect work efficiency. The DVP2 goggles are slightly heavier but provide more eye protection. In addition, the DVP2 has an elastic strap for a custom fit around the head. References
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