14/3 Gauge, 25 ft SJTW POWERBLOCK w/ Lighted End. Extension Cord, UL/ETL Listed

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Defender Cables are contractor grade outdoor extension cord that can be used in industrial and commercial settings.

  • 14-gauge, 25-100ft cord w/lighted end. Handles between 13-15 AMP, 1625-1875 W
  • SJTW rated.
  • Reinforced connectors to protect prongs against continuous pulls and bends.
  • UL and ETL listed and compliant with OSHA standards.
  • Comes with a welded ‘hook and loop’ wrap for easy storage and management.

Power you can rely on.

The contractor grade outdoor extension cord is SJTW rated and can be used in industrial and commercial settings. They come in a variety of gauges, ranging from 16/3 to 10/3. The cords can handle between 1250-2500 W and 10-20 A. Each gauge is offered in a variety of lengths. The jacket cover is weather resistant, allowing it to operate between-40˚F to 140˚F.Before using, carefully observe to see if any damage is found on the wires. During use, always look to see if the red indicator light is on for your safety. All Defender Cables cords come standard with our welded hook and loop management system.  When storing, keep cables in a dry cool place away from liquid or direct sunlight to extend service life.