Anchorage Connectors

Strong connectors are a critical component for your safety. All of our connectors are made of premium materials and meet the ANSI standards.


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Reusable Concrete Anchor 3/4″ Hole - 5,000-lbf / 22kN Static Tensile Strength - Defender Safety
Steel Twist Lock Carabiner - Defender SafetySteel Twist Lock Carabiner - Defender Safety
Rebar Scaffold Hook - Defender Safety
Reusable Roof Anchor - Defender SafetyReusable Roof Anchor - Defender Safety
Trauma Strap Step Up - Defender Safety
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Wide Anchor Cross Arm Strap with large D-ring pass-through and small D-ring (Available in 4' 6' 8' 10' 12' 14' 16') - Defender Safety
Anchor Door Jam - Defender Safety
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Galvanized Steel Point Anchor - Defender Safety
Micro Double Connection With Steel Twist Lock - Defender Safety
Rebar Chain Positioning Device - Defender Safety
Rope Grab With Lanyard - Defender Safety
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Super Sliding Beam Anchor, adjustable 12″ – 30″ flange. Min breaking strength 5000 lbs. - Defender Safety
Adjustable I-Beam Anchor Trolley - Defender Safety
Beam Anchor - Defender SafetyBeam Anchor - Defender Safety
Forged Steel Twist Lock Hook Carabiner - Defender SafetyForged Steel Twist Lock Hook Carabiner - Defender Safety
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Galvanized Steel Parapet Anchor - Defender SafetyGalvanized Steel Parapet Anchor - Defender Safety
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Super Slider Beam Anchor - 5000 lbs. min Breaking Strength - Defender Safety