8' Self Retracting Lifeline Descent Device with Small Hook

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8ft. Retractable web, plastic housing, 3/4” load indicator hook, 1/2” carabiner included. Blue housing. Min breaking strength 3000 lbs. Meets or Exceeds ANSI Z359.14-2014 Class B.

Key Features


  • Lightest available SRL in its range/class
  • Robust & durable plastic casting
  • Technora Webbing with Energy absorber
  • Swivel steel double locking snap hook at attachment end
  • An overhead anchor point should always be used when available. When an overhead anchor point is unavailable, the recommended anchor point should be no greater than 2’ below the dorsal D-ring. When the available anchor point is greater than 2’ below the dorsal D-ring, a Palmer Safety Leading Edge SRL should be used.
  • 8 ft. (Maximum)
  • Material: Technora webbing 13/16”
  • Minimum Breaking Strength: 4500 lbs.