NANOSHOT PRO 800 FIXED aerosol fire suppression system

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The Nano Pro Fixed 800 is the largest part of the NanoFire all-in-one Pro Fixed fire suppression system. The Nano Pro Fixed 800 unit can protect a massive 30 meters cubed and be installed into any existing area you want to protect with zero infrastructure changes needed.

  • To be installed in enclosed areas such as generator rooms, data centers or equipment rooms. 
  • Can extinguish Class C Combustibles such as diesel and heavy oils.
  • Leaves no trace or residue once discharged and does zero damage to electronic devices and equipment.   
  • Comes with a service life of either of 6 years
  • Operates in temperatures of 57 °C  to 260 °C  (135°F to 500°F).
  • Great fire suppression system for remote areas