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Blue Tool Lanyard With Screw Gate (Pack Of 3)


  • PERFORMANCE: Convenient stretch for tool holding. The built in shock absorber reduces the force on the body. Similarly, it offers a capacity of 15 pounds with an activated length of 5 feet.
  • FULLY EQUIPPED: The screw gate carabiner is ANSI 121 compliant and includes a captive eye with a coiled and shock absorbing retractable bungee cord.
  • CAPTIVE EYE: The captive eye design stops rotation. Secondly, it localizes an attachment point. In addition, the lightweight carabiner easily attaches to the users belt for simple transport.
  • DROPPED TOOL STANDARD: This product meets or exceeds ANSI 121-2018. This most up to date version of ANSI 121 requires all tool tethering systems to have a locking gate and captive eye to eliminate risk of dropped tools.